Lance McMahon.

Aspiring Software Engineer

I am a curious engineer with a passion for rigorous design 📐 As an undergrad, I made two apps. I also collaborated on a research publication for glaucoma detection with machine learning in the Texas Tech SmartBioMed Lab. |Lance

Transcribe with AI🚀

I founded RocketScribe, a free speech recognition service. Our focus is to empower consumers by exposing access to the fastest and most accurate transcription and dictation services ever leveraging the power of AI.

Undergraduate Research

Texas Tech University SmartBioMed Laboratory

I collaborated on research in the fields of biomedical data science and biomedical image processing in the Texas Tech University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering SmartBioMed Laboratory with Bengie L. Ortiz, PhD, and Principal Investigator Dr. Jo Woon Chong.


Mobile App

I developed and deployed the software for a full stack and cross-platform messaging application.

Competitive Programming

Florida State University ACM

I participated locally at Florida State University the past two semesters where I received 6th and 9th place in the upper division programming contests.

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